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About Us -The Flooring Web presents Virtu-Tred - Solid Oak Stair Treads engineered with pride in the U.S.A. 1.877.988.7331

     We would like to take this time to Introduce a Revolutionary New Hardwood Product to all:
Carpet and Flooring Distributors, General Contractors, Handyman, Hardwood Flooring
installers/refinishers, and all Do-it-Yourselfers.

     We have taken the concept of replacing stair treads to a whole new level, one that allows a
significant profit for everyone involved. During these hard economic times, many homeowners are finding it hard to borrow money to fix up their homes, replacing sqeaky, creaky, old, stained, and/or
damaged stairs can be a time consuming and costly home improvement, The Stairs of a home are the most visible feature of the interior living space and yet can be the most ignored when improving the home. Replacing a staircase is often pushed off until it becomes a true necessity. Now, it no longer has to be a major expense or even an obstacle when replacing carpets and installing new floors or
refinishing old floors. Basement stairs can now become part of your installation packages separating you from your competition. We are inviting you to visit the www.virtutred.com website and decide for yourself if this is a product that can increase your income significantly or not, this product has been field tested and comes with a product guarantee that is more than adequate to satisfy your
customers. Virtu-Tred can also be found on www.TheFlooringWeb.com along with job application.

     Virtu-Tred is a trademarked Revolutionary American Made, Solid Hardwood (not a veneer),
product that covers your existing stair treads without all the collateral damage that comes along with full stair replacement. Get Great New Looking Stairs without the hassle, mess, or expense of having to remove your old stairs. Works on closed stairs and open stairs. * System meets most codes and is as easy as 1...2…3 to install. Video Demo is provided on website as well as the names and locations of our distributors as they come aboard.

     We will soon be offering a program to certify installers as our commitment to offer a great
product and professional service grows. We will be introducing more products and stair components to our Virtu-tred distributors and installers at discounted rates in the near future.

     The time has come to look at stairs as a profit monster, with billions of stair treads in ill repair, there is an endless supply of customers that will save money and time as they no longer need to
ignore the most visible interior component of their home. Basement stairs can be transformed from pine to oak in a matter of a few hours. If you are looking for that revolutionary product that will bring your business, family or yourself a significant income, you have to look no further. “We have the product and we are looking to improve the world one step at a time”

We Invite you to Join us as we launch this revolutionary new product across America and beyond.

Sincerely Yours,  The Staff of   Virtu-Tred - Call to Join Us Today!