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Real Antique Wood Mill - 43 Cordier St. Irvington, NJ  07111 Phone:  201-206-2655

Real Antique Wood Mill brings authentic wood products to you to create your own historic masterpiece.  Our wood all has a history.  We bring to you the wood along with its life story.  We can help you find the right wood for your project.  Rustic wood flooring or wooden cobbled floor blocks can quickly bring an historic charm to your home.  Hardwood fireplace mantles or wooden beams can give earthy life to a home with all the modern conveniences.  Our historic timbers can be made into the perfect wooden table to compliment your home's decor.  From flooring to beams, furniture to outdoor wooden structures Real Antique Wood Mill can bring it all to you!  We are proud to say that all of our products are made in the U.S.A.
We are a family owned and operated mill with a long history in the wood flooring industry that have a passion for what people would call "old wood". When we hear of an old barn that is being demolished, we jump at the chance to save it.  We save this wood from becoming a part of the ever increasing size of landfills and turn it into something remarkable. One of our goals when starting this business was to create a positive impact on this earth, which means decreasing our carbon footprint.  We do this by taking structures that would wind up in the garbage and recycle them into something new.

Our wood & timbers come from a variety of different sources including: 18th & 19th century barns, homes, and factories dating back to the industrial revolution.  From the wood & timbers we salvage we can create almost anything you can dream of - from the most authentic wood floor to a beautiful dining room table that will be the topic of conversation over dinner. If you have the vision, we can create it. 
Our services include, but are not limited to:
  • Kiln Drying
  • Custom Milling
  • Planing 
  • Flooring
  • Straight Line Ripping
  • Custom Sawing
  • Ship Lapping
  • Finishing
  • Tongue and Groove
Our products can be installed, finished, and pre-finished just ask for details
The following is a list of products that we carry or can customize to your specifications:
  • Wooden Beams
    • hand hewn
    • rough sawn
  • Reclaimed Wood Flooring
  • Molding and Trim
  • Mantels
    • up to 20' lengths
    • can be sawn to your specific dimensions
  • Barn Siding and Paneling 
  • Tables
  • Outdoor Wooden Fixtures
    • porticos
    • gazebos
    • arbors
  • Reclaimed Tin Roofs 
  • Barn Doors & Reclaimed Doors
  • Limited Hardware
  • Stair Components
    • treads
    • risers
    • spindles
    • newel posts
    • railings
    • banisters 
Pricing upon request.  
Our products can be installed, finished, and pre-finished just ask for details.

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